Guide : 3D Prompt Enhancements

3D Prompt Enhancements

When making DALL·E art you can dramatically enhance the stye, detail and lighting using additional prompts in your description.

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The description below will generate a fairly basic 3D render. (image left)
"Specimen inside a glass jar with a rusty lid, 3d render"
But say we wanted to have a liquid substance with something moist inside, preferably a glowing liquid in a lab atmosphere. The focus is on the jar, in a captivating environment.
Let's adjust the prompts a bit...
"Specimen inside a glass jar with a rusty lid, green bioluminescence, inner glow, no reflection, blurred lab background, 3D, digital art"
Looking at the images rendered above you can see a major difference when using additional prompts to enhance the image.
Now let's explain some of the prompts we added above and how it can enhance the image. Keep in mind, these prompts are specific to achieving the objective.
Green Bioluminescence
Sets the color tone of the luminescence. Works well with liquids, steam, lights, etc. (Change to color of your choice.)
Inner Glow
Applies a glow to the central point of a focal object. (Works best on singular a object/entity)
No Reflection
Helps reflection reduction. Useful to reduce mirrored/shiny images or reflections. (This prompt is inconsistent and not dependable)
Blurred Lab Background
This sets the environment of the background. Blurring your background allows more attention to the focal object/entity. (Change lab to your own environment)
Helps add more depth to create a 3D environment. (Works best on a singular object/entity)
Digital Art
Adding 'digital art' in conjunction to the '3D' prompt will digitally enhance the image with details you cant otherwise achieve. (Try with/without)

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