Guide : Making a Mascot

Making a Mascot

Symbolize your own organization or event with a mascot made entirely from DALL·E.

The 'mascot' prompt may also pair well with...
, icon
, digital art
, clipart
, logo
, character
, 3D
, white background
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Depending on the style of 'mascot' you're trying to achieve, adjust the prompt according to your needs. (see below)
"green dinosaur with glasses and a hat playing basketball, mascot"
The more details you add to your mascot the more likely you are to end up with flaws. You can correct flaws with in-painting (edit) or, test your luck generating a new set of results. Keep in mind, the technique of re-generating in attempt to achieve a better result or different outcome can become costly.
"green dinosaur with a basketball, mascot, icon"
"Red scorpion with a big stinger, mascot, icon, dark background"
Although these scorpions look good, we would not consider it a success since it lacks the characteristics of a mascot. This is leaning more towards a logo/icon.

In this event, we would try including prompts such as "happy, character, smiling, sunglasses, etc.." to help transform it into a mascot.
"Panda eating bamboo, mascot, icon, blue background, logo"
Don't always expect a perfect set of results. If we decided to use this mascot (above) we would edit the image to correct any flaws such as the sunglasses.
"Happy banana character with sunglasses under a colorful umbrella having a drink at the beach, mascot, digital art, white background, icon, 3D"
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Adding 'icon' in addition to the 'mascot' prompt can often help framing issues.

“female wizard in pink using the laptop, mascot

The image above represents how many 'usable' images were rolled during the generation. As we see only 2 out of 8 images were deemed usable due to images being out of frame, and/or due to contrast issues.

We can improve our usable image odds by including the 'icon' prompt in the description. (see below)

“female wizard in pink using the laptop, mascot, icon

By including the 'icon' prompt you can see that 5 out of 8 images are now considered usable.
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Keep the description short and simple. For each additional prompt added, the weight of the 'mascot' prompt will reduce.

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